WWF has PSA for all This Christmas: #adoptabrighterfuture

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The countdown has begun! There are just 40 days until Christmas. While the preparations are in full swing, it is essential to keep in mind to have an eco-friendly and Christmas.

The World Wildlife Fund for Nature has released a new campaign. The advert is in an animated form. It begins with a jaguar trying to escape a treacherous forest fire. It growls towards a bulldozer that’s making its way to destroy the forest. A young girl walks towards the jaguar and following her is the crowd of people who bravely stand in front of the bulldozer as it comes closer. They fight back to protect the animal and its home.

The camera then cuts back to the girl’s bedroom wherein a charcoal painting of the endangered jaguar is hung in her room. The ending sequence has a voiceover that reiterates the message, “Together We Can Adopt A Brighter Future” with an impactful non-diegetic sound in the background.

The advertisement has been inspired by the recent tragedy of the rainforest fire that wiped away large chunks of animals’ habitats. 

The advertisement aims to tell audiences to “adopt a brighter future” this Christmas.

The ad directed by Noah Harris, explains that the wild animals are on the verge of extinction due to deforestation. Another message that the advertisement subtly throws light on the fact that a young girl is shown who ignites the public to stand against deforestation. He tries to direct the adverts to millennials as they seem to have more of a chance to control what the future holds for the flora and fauna through a collective effort.

“Over the past 50years, the probability that human activity has warmed the planet in a drastic way is more than 95%“, as per the thesis of the Fifth Assessment Report stated on the official website of the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA).

This Christmas, the international non-government organization, aims to raise awareness about topics like climate change and animal cruelty. Team NewsOnPets hopes everyone comes together to build a more resilient and stable environment for all those to co-exist.

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