Why is it Essential to Cut Your Pets’ Nails Regularly?

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Hung Jui-lung, Director of the Pet ‘N’ Care Veterinary Hospital in Taipei stressed on the importance of regularly clipping pets’ nails.

While speaking to Taipei Times, he mentioned how overgrown nails can have adverse effects on the pet. He said, “[It] can affect a dog’s ability to walk or even hurt their paw pads and hip joints”.

A dog’s nail is essentially the nail, a soft cuticle comprised of blood vessels and nerves. In technical terms, it is known as the quick. When you let your dog’s nail grow, the quick grows as well. So when Hung said that, “many owners accidentally cut their pets’ nails too short [which results] is bleeding”.

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Owners must ensure to clip up the part of the nail that has overgrown past the paw pad. Clipping in regular intervals also helps the quick to breathe, adapt and retreat. “If bleeding does occur, do not panic and apply styptic powder to the wound”, Hung said.

For trimming sessions it is advisable to keep the essentials; nail clippers, styptic powder, and dog treats ready. An appropriately sized nail clipper should be kept based on the size and breed of the dog.

When it comes to felines, their nail structure is similar although the claws can be drawn in. Cats tend to file their nails very often. They constantly keep scratching on scratch pads.

Cats suffering from arthritis are in dire need of regular nail trimmings. Due to the age, they scratch their claws less and arthritic cats could injure themselves.

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Owners who are inexperienced with nail trimming and filing should address their vet for their care.

Hung recommends that “most pets are not used to people grabbing their paws, they will fight at first. Rewarding them with treats and praise helps them overcome their fear of the process”.

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