Weekend Binge: Dogs

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If you’re staying in this Friday night and want to spend some quality family time, here’s your solution to get together. Netflix’s Original Documentary series, Dogs is a heartwarming six-episode anthology of dogs and the relationship they share with their owner. Each hour-long episode sets up a different context for the audience. Some of the ideas that the series includes are service dogs and therapy dogs. This series attests to the popular saying “a man’s best friend is a dog” in a raw and actual sense.

All of the six stories have been filmed in different locations. From the US, to Syria, Italy, Japan and Costa Rica, Glen Clipper shows diversity through a limited duration. It’s a melting pot of emotions and makes you travel through each every one of them through the different dogs and their respective owners’ journeys. There are nail biting and heart wrenching scenes that you should prepare yourself for.

Catch the six episode series here.

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