Wales to Ban the Use of Wild Animals in Traveling Circuses

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Adding to the list of countries against animal cruelty, Wales is now at par with Scotland, the Republic of Ireland. England will soon join the line in campaigning for a bill to be passed  on banning the use of wild animals in travelling circuses. The Bill would be introduced to the National Assembly on the 8th July and the Minister will announce about the Bill during the plenary session on Tuesday.

NewsOnPets, Petnews, Pets

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The Wild Animals and Circuses (Wales) Bill was brought up by the Welsh Government and it seeks to overcome the ethical concerns by banning the use of wild animals in travelling circuses in Wales. The new legislation would penalise the operator of the travelling circus to make use of or permit another person to use a wild animal for entertainment. Anyone convicted of breaking the law would face an unlimited fine in the courts, as stated in the press release by Wales Government dated 8th July.

Across the United Kingdom, there are just two travelling circuses which uses camels, zebras and reindeers. The circus moves across various countries and visits Wales frequently. The people of Wales are against the circuses and more than 650 citizens have backed the bill. Although the circuses are for the public,  endangered wild animals are people’s concern and they believe that entertainment is not the same as before, rather is painful to watch them being controlled by humans.

NewsOnPets, Petnews, pets

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“The introduction of this bill sends a clear message this Government and the people of Wales believe this practice to be outdated and ethically unacceptable”, says Lesley Griffiths, Minister for  Environment, Energy and Rural Affairs. He terms wild animals to be “sentient beings” and they should be respected and treated with dignity, rather than being exploited. He also adds that the use of the animals in circuses raises our concern towards wildlife conservation and the bill would contribute to the protection and preservation of these wild animals.

Claire Lawson, RSPCA Cymru assistant director for external relations acknowledges and shows gratitude towards the people of Wales for backing the bill and acting for the voiceless creatures. He states that the practice of using wild animals for the circus is outdated and doesn’t adhere to the contemporary mindset of Modern Wales.

Animal Welfare organizations along with the citizens of Wales await the hearing and hope that along with Wales, Great Britain bans travelling circuses and free animals living behind caged doors.

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