Travelling with Your Pet? Heres What You Need to Do!

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Tickets booked, bags packed, travel plan is in place. Oh! But wait. What about your pet dog or cat? Have you taken care of their travel needs too?

This is what worries most pet parents whenever they decide to go on a holiday or work travel. Follow these tips to lessen the stress and have a fun trip with your family and your pet. 

1.Hotels that Accommodate Pets
You must check this in advance. Even before you book your travel and accommodation. Ask the personnel at the hotel or boarding house if they have pet-friendly facilities (stay, food, activity, and first aid) so that your pet too can enjoy the place and the trip. 

2. Decide on the Mode of Travel 
This depends on the distance and destination you are planning to travel to. Is it within the country or abroad? If it is air travel then it may prove to be stressful for your pet dog or cat. Oxygen deprivation and heat stroke are some of the reported ailments seen in specific breeds such as Pugs, Persian Cats, and Bull Dogs. If air travel is the only option available then make sure that you inform the airline beforehand and ask for the pet travel policy. Accordingly make travel arrangements such as a carrier or dog crate, a leash or a collar if necessary.

Road travel is recommended as long as the pet is comfortable in the vehicle or the carrier or dog crate. Familiarizing or crate training your pooch or cat is advisable to avoid uneasiness in your pet while travelling.

3.Plan Your Pet’s Meals
Carry appropriate amounts of healthy pet food (preferably dry pet food). Avoid feeding your pet dog or cat when the vehicle is in motion as it can cause motion sickness in your pet. At the same time, plan the meal times of your pet in such a way that your pet does not feel restless due to hunger. Also, pack enough cleaning material such as waste bags, water containers, and wet wipes. Cleaning material helps to keep the kennel, carrier or the crate clean. 

4. Carry Pet Toys 
Chewable bones and squeaker toys for dogs, and a catnip, or cat bug for your feline pet will make the best travel pet play gear. If there is ample open space make it a point to engage in play activity with your dog or cat. 

Playing fetch, walking or running with your pet allows you and your fur bud to explore the holiday spot and relax. 

5. Pack Pet Essentials
Bedding, collapsible travel bowls, litter box, drinking water, grooming items, wet wipes, waste bags, first aid kits, leash, and collars are the basic items that should be packed as part of your pet’s travel gear. 

6.Schedule a Vet Checkup 
If it is a 15-20 day long trip and travel bookings need to be done at the earliest, you must visit your veterinarian for an overall pet health review to identify any anomalies so that necessary arrangements can be made depending on the urgency of the trip (leisure or business). In case of a short trip like a weekend travel plan, consult the vet a week prior.  

Hope these pointers help you plan an awesome trip for your family and your pet buddy. 

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