Tips to Manage Your Diabetic Pet

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Dogs and cats who fall prey to diabetes can still lead a healthier and longer life with the right amount of care and attention. Veterinarians say that there are different ways or procedures to be followed while taking care of diabetic pets. Even diabetic individuals have to monitor their blood sugar levels in order to have a healthy life, it works more or less in the similar manner for pets.  Fluctuation in blood sugar levels can be worrisome so it is important to maintain the levels is very crucial.

Management of your Diabetic Pet can include the following:


  1. A diet that has high fiber is recommended to keep the gut healthy as it also boosts the heart
  2. Daily exercise is recommended. A proper exercise regime needs to be implemented to have keep the weight, overall health under control, also bearing in mind the age of your pet.
  3. Neutering should be considered. Especially spaying female dogs who have been diagnosed with d


  1. High Protein and low carbohydrate diet is highly recommended for diabetic cats.
  2. Regular exercise is advised.

It is also important that your pet maintains a normal appetite when on insulin therapy. The blood sugar level could drop if the adequate amount of sugar is not absorbed in the blood stream. 

The signs for high blood sugar include weakness, tremors, seizures, loss of appetite. As the signs of high and low blood sugar levels are similar, it is crucial, that the change in the dosage and frequency of the insulin injections is only made under a veterinarian’s supervision.


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