The Porcu-Dog Duo Has Awed Netizens All Over

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Image Courtesy: South West News Service (A British News Agency)

A rescued porcupine and a Daschund puppy share an inseparable bond and are loved by every netizen who has glimpsed through their friendship.

The porcupine, named Diablo was rejected by his mom Hannah at Cotswold Wildlife Park in Oxfordshire, England. Diablo’s foster caretaker Estelle Morgan has been looking after him since then. She also introduced the porcupine to her pet dog, Fig, a Daschund to develop a social interaction between the two, as they would be living under the same roof. To her surprise, the two have turned to be stranger cum friends.

While speaking to the Good News Network, Estelle Morgan,a zookeeper of Cotswold Wildlife Park, England says, “Hannah (Diablo’s mother) previously had twins in February that she is still caring for, so it is likely she wasn’t really ready for another baby so soon. His unexpected arrival was a big surprise for all of us. When Diablo gets excited, he will do a buckaroo-style run, where he thrashes his head around and jumps up in the air. Under close supervision, they will run around the garden together and Fig has been very gentle and patient with Diablo.”

The porcupine is bottle-fed off lately and resides in the kitchen of Morgan’s house, located within the park itself. Initially, at a younger stage, the porcupine was fed a bottle every two hours. He then weighed half a pound and six weeks later, today, he weighs four pounds with his taste switched to sweet potatoes and apples.


Inputs taken from the Good News Network 

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