The Black Cat is a Cat, Not a Shapeshifter

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The speculation concerning a Black Cat is absurd. They were considered unlucky during the Middle Ages and were thought to be accomplices of the witches in their evil deeds. A black cat crossing one’s path was declared as bad luck too. And, in popular culture the black cat is often associated with Halloween. 

Contrary to this popular belief, the ancient Egyptians considered a black cat to bring good luck!

However, even today instances have been reported where a black cat is not welcomed with open arms. Much to our surprise, the reason is funnily simple.  A Telegraph report dated January 29th, 2018 mentioned , “Black cats are being shunned because they don’t look good in selfies,”  

Well, that being said, we urge all pet owners to consider a black cat as one of your own and not reject this equally magnificent-looking feline creature.

The concept of Black Cat Awareness Month was started by Layla Morgan Wilde in 2013 to remove misconceptions concerning the Black Cat and to encourage adoptions. 

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