Strays Shelter in a Specially Designed Kennel at the Iconic Bombay House

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In the past week, each one of us mourned for the loss of Lucky, a stray dog who was brutally beaten for taking shelter during rains by the watchmen of a housing society. On the other hand, here we have the Indian industrialist, investor, philanthropist, and a former chairman of The Tata Group, Mr Ratan Tata who once spotted strays dogs being drenched and soaked due to the monsoon showers. Since then, he has opened the doors of his office, the archetypal  Bombay House for strays living in and around the area, to take shelter within. What if  Lucky resided in such an area where he would be welcomed and not beaten to overcome the pouring July 2019 showers?

NewsOnPets, petnews, pets

Image Courtesy: Tata Group

The 94-year-old building had been restored last year for the first time since it was erected. The new infrastructure had a special room that was designed just for stray dogs.  As stated by ScoopWoop, the iconic edifice has walls on four sides painted in bright yellow along with frames of dog doodles hung on it. Apart from just the space, the business leader has also ensured that there is enough food and water provided for the pooches along with toys and mattresses that allows them to be comfortable at all times. Mr Tata has also ordered the building security guards to ensure that the strays are kept safe and fed at all times.

NewsOnPets, pets, petnews

Image Courtesy: Parsi Khabar

The stray dogs at the Bombay House are looked after by the staff as well as the employees of the company itself. They are never chained, rather belted. They have enough space within the shelter of the building to run about and play.  While speaking to The Hindu, an ex-employee and another staff of the Tata Sons Group said, “The dogs are as entitled as any other employee. They have a vet on call, a budget for their upkeep and regular medical check-ups, and are habituated to sleeping on mats. They have perfect elevator etiquette too.”

This is the dog room at the newly renovated Bombay House (belonging to the Tata Group). This is the room where the…

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Even before the restoration process of the global headquarters of the Tata Group, one could spot strays sitting all over the reception area. At his residence, the Doyen of the Indian industry has two German Shepherds who he considers his own. He has also invested in the pet care portal called the


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