Singapore Vet Show: Opportunities Through Experience

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Singapore Vet Show opens on the 11th and 12th October at Suntec Singapore International Convention and Exhibition Centre.

The show — conferences and an exhibitions — will have the best from the veterinary industry, including universities, brands and professionals. The event will begin at 08:15 SGT on the 11th of October and will end at 18:00 SGT on the same day. On 12th October it will reopen at 08:15 SGT and end at 17:00 SGT.

Singapore Vet Show paves the way to inspire, connect, engage and collaborate with anyone and everyone within the veterinary space.

To name a few, speakers such as Professor Jill Maddison from the Royal Veterinary College, Dr. Bryden Stanley from the Michigan State University, and Joanna Hedley, Head of the Exotic Service at the Royal Veterinary College will conduct interactive sessions. On the second day, speakers will include Dr. Christopher Tan, Specialist in Small Animal Surgery, Dr Alan Taylor, Clinical Anaesthetist and Dr. Priya Streram, Veterinary Rehabilitation Practitioner. 

You can find the event schedule here

Top  brands like Bayer International, MaxiPro, Royal Veterinary College, WASAVA, Clinician’s Brief, and many others would be present at their respective booths to welcome and engage with an audience from all over the world. 

Stay tuned to @newsonpets and @newsonpetsfor live updates. 

We are ready for Singapore Vet Show, are you? 

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