Shivan and Narresh Collaborates with Heads Up For Tails for Designer Pet Wear

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After creating some exquisite beachwear, the fashion house Shivan and Narresh launch exclusive designer wear for pets! The Delhi-based fashion designers have enjoyed curating a collection for pets just as much as the designer swimwear for humans. While speaking to The Hindu, Narresh Kukreja said, “I don’t think we have given our four-legged friends enough attention. Our label is the first in the country to create a designer line for pets”.

The luxury designer duo and Rashi Sanon Narang, founder of Heads Up For Tails are all set to showcase their exciting new “Leger” collection of designer clothing and accessories. The products are made of organic material and vegan leather embellished with elements like aluminum and gold accents. A few have bold prints while the rest are in vibrant colors.

From dog sweaters, bandanas, jackets, collars to bow ties have Shivan and Narresh’s iconic prints. When speaking to Vogue, Shivan Bhatiya, the head designer at Shivan & Narresh mentioned how “Each design was fondly curated for our which we have now extended to other pet parents through this collection. The Leger Lounge Dog Bed is Matisse’s favorite corner in the house today. Some of our other favorites from the line are the Leger Cat Teepee Tent and the Leger Star Dog Collar and Leash Set”.

So what are you waiting for? Go get your hands on this luxury range of clothing for your furry one on-

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