Rare White Lion Cubs Rescued in Northern France

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Two White Lion Cubs (Source: The Telegraph)

Simba and Nala, the two exotic white lion cubs, have been recused from the circus by Caresse de Tigre. Caresse de Tigre is a French wildlife conservation charity. These white fur, blue-eyed and big pawed cats are irresistible!

White Lions originally come from South Africa. It is reported that only a handful are in the wild presently.

Caresse De Tigre takes care of big wild cats. It is said that feline family traits require plenty of time resting and lazing around. Pictures of the two have been released by the wildlife sanctuary in La Mailleraye-sur-Siene.

Kudos to Caresse De Tigre for contributing to the welfare of these splendid creatures!

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White Lion Cubs in France (Source: BBC) 

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