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Having an online presence is extremely important in the digital age that we live in. Everyone wants access to everything at the tip of their fingers. Even if it’s for their beloved furry family members! Well you don’t have to look too far to pamper your pet now!

Petsy is an online marketplace for all the pet owners with varied range of products to suffice their pet’s needs at any age or stage.

*Correspondent Rutuja Karkare got candid with Petsy’s marketing team to talk all things retail and marketing with regards to the pet industry. *

How did the concept of Petsy come about?   

Petsy has its humble beginnings from a very personal story; as dog lovers and pet parents of the world’s best dog (yes, every pet parent says this). Baxter came into Sinal and Veer’s lives and changed it forever. He is truly the heart and soul of their family. In the words of Sinal and Veer:

“Having introduced Baxter, it is fair to say that after becoming pet parents we have become far more sensitive to the needs of animals around us. Hold this thought as I take you on a journey of a few miles to Mumbai. A couple of years back, we stumbled across a stray dog suffering from fleas and ticks lying on the road in Mumbai. With an eager desire to help it, we went searching for the appropriate treatment. We looked in every corner and struggled. Something as simple as flea and tick treatment was almost impossible to find, and when we did find something close to it – there was no guidance on how to use it! With this struggle in mind and through sheer love of pets and animals, the idea of Petsy was born.”

pets, dogs, cats, accessories, news, newsonpets, food, treats, healthcare

What is your USP?

Empowerment is threaded through every action, thought and feel at Petsy and this is the founding basis for our USP. In summary, our USP include:

  1. Petsy Tales: Every brand began as a dream of an independent curator and came to life because of the love of pets. At Petsy, we believe in building a community thriving on empowerment by sharing the stories behind these brands.  
  2. Paws for a Purpose is a Petsy initiative that is built on the belief of inspiring the community around us to make a difference, together. It focuses on assisting animal welfare undertakings to make a difference in the lives of animals.
  3. Petsy Perks: A rewarding and easy-to-understand loyalty program that makes shopping on Petsy a fun and exciting experience. 

All of these are augmented by our promise to support pet parents in their journey of becoming extraordinary pet parents.

pets, dogs, cats, news, newsonpets, healthcare, accessories, food, treats

Do you feel that the Pet Market is receptive to pet stores going digital?

“We believe that as people are moving toward a digital economy for their day to day needs, stocking up on supplies for pets is no different. As busy schedules call for convenience, shopping with just one click is the way to go forward.”




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About the Author: Rutuja Karkare

Rutuja is a food and coffee connoisseur in her free time. She is an animal enthusiast and a shopaholic. Occasionally, she enjoys teaching and taking up new courses to better her skills.

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