Pet Abandonment Cases On a Rise in India!

Pets are known to be lifelong companions. According to a report by Euromonitor, around 7  million dogs in 2009 were adopted by Indian families and the number increased to 12 million in 2014. What is sad to know is that the majority of Indians express a special preference for a foreign breed or a pedigree dog. Apart from this, there is an entirely new generation of pet parents that decide on the breed of dogs they would want to own. At times, parties interested in adopting a dog insist on pure breeds born as a result of inbreeding. Inbreeding is known to develop complications during the dog’s growth. Pet owners find it expensive to medically treat such breed of dogs thus leading to their abandonment.

Dog Breeds and their Environment  
Some pet owners residing in cities like Mumbai opt for foreign dog breeds, for example, the Siberian Husky. However, these magnificent dogs cannot adjust to the hot and humid climate of the city. Moreover, they cannot consume the local pet food available in the region. Hence they end up falling ill. In such a scenario if pet owners are unable to sustain their lifestyle, they abandon these innocent creatures.

Abandonment Cases 
“Pet parents do not realize that bringing home a pet is like bringing home a human child. Most consider it as an outlet to seek happiness. The city life is hectic as it is and so people end up discarding their pets the moment they can’t cope up with the problems. Raising a pet is not very expensive but it is an investment. Hence when things are rough in people’s lives and they need to start doing cost-cutting, the first thing they give up on is their pet which is a sad story”, says Disha Gadhiya, pet parent and an Animal Enthusiast from Mumbai.

While narrating one of the cases to NewsOnPets, Sakshi Paranjpe, an animal lover, said that she found Neo, a mixed breed, abandoned and tied to a pole. He belonged to a family that eventually disowned him.  After examining Neo’s condition Sakshi found out that he had starved for many days. When he was rescued, he had a low platelet count and was down with fever. The vet who treated Neo said he was brought just in time for treatment or else Neo would have never survived. There were days when Neo was on intravenous therapy (IV) and couldn’t bark. Now he is completely fine and back to normal, and ready to shift to a forever home.

Another similar instance Sakshi narrates is that of Lizzie, a mixed breed who was rescued just last month in June. Lizzie was still lactating then. Sakshi had to sanitize her to rid her of any infection. The pooch used to whine due to her trauma. After being fostered for a month by Sakshi, Lizzie finally found a good home.

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Awareness is the Key
Each week 8-10 pets are abandoned on streets. This concludes that NGOs and animal shelters are filling up at an increasing rate. “One should analyze and firstly find out if they could afford a pet in their house. The investment easily adds up to 10-15 years of time and money. Behavioural habits of breeds should be understood and apart from that Indies should be considered as loving, playful and loyal companions”, says Disha.

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