Pay a tribute to Indian Army Dogs serving the nation

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Along with saluting the bravery of our soldiers who have served the nation, we must look up to the country’s set of army dogs too! In addition to identifying explosives and notifying the system about the enemy insurgency, ­­dogs are also given a rigorous training schedule to master the art of combat.

There are many more facts that make canines the unsung heroes of our country:

  • Just like our soldiers,  many dogs undergo training levels, wherein only a few of the lot succeed and move ahead.
  • When adopting a retired army dog, their history and behavioral mannerisms will yet make them extraordinary pets.
  • The Indian Army has trained around 1,000 dogs.
  • The army dogs play a pivotal role in search and rescue teams. They help in retrieving explosives in particular operations conducted by the respective forces. Without their assistance, the search operations cannot proceed further.
  • The preferred breeds for army training are German Shepherds and Labrador Retrievers. These breeds are extremely adaptable and flexible to a versatile training schedule. Their build and senses make them compatible to execute high intense tasks.
  • Based on the dog, their tenure differs from eight-ten years.

    animals online, newsonpets, pet news, news, indian news, india, indian army, independence day

    Indian Army with Dogs (Source: India Today)

So let’s celebrate this Independence Day by taking a “bow” to pay homage to their enormous contribution to serving our country.

Jai Hind!

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