Oskar, a Paraplegic Stray Indie Finds Home in America

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India has seen a decent rise in the number of dog adoption cases. Also, regular adoption camps have led to many dogs finding families that can look after them.

One such instance is of Oskar Fatik Anna, a 15-month-old stray dog from Deonar, Mumbai in India who was mauled by a larger dog and couldn’t use his hind legs due to injury. He was rescued by Shikha Pandey and SV from Mumbai.  They fostered the pup and took care of his medical treatment. The puppy grew up to be a young healthy dog, actively moving around with the help of a wheelchair. Describing Oskar, Deepa Talib, Chairperson of Anubis – Tiger Foundation told NewsOnPets, “Oskar is a child that did not deserve to be ignored. His eyes are laser pointers. He moves faster on his front legs than most healthy dogs do. He has more interest in his surroundings than any guard dog. He stares at crows, chases birds, he watches intently as leaves flutter in the breeze and his ears cock at the engine sounds of cars on the road. All he can’t do is ‘run’ on all four legs”.

NewsOnPets, petnews, pets

Oskar was taken for laser therapies, acupuncture, and hydrotherapy under the guidance of Dr. Deepa Katyal but failed to recover fully. He walked on two legs rather than all fours thereafter. Oskar was ignored and no one showed interest to adopt him until social media did the talking.

With the help of Anubis-Tiger Foundation and the rescuers’ continuous efforts on asking for help on social media for Oskar, a lady from Vancouver, Teresa Beere Johnson, an animal enthusiast responded. She flew from Vancouver to take Oskar back. Oskar flew from Mumbai to Seattle on 24th July 2019 in Lufthansa through arrangements made by Anupama Vinayak (International Pet Travel Consultant) of Furry Flyers.

NewsOnPets, petnews, Pets

Oskar was then sent to Erica Psaltis Medici, (a foster parent in Bend Oregon who is known for her genuine care towards abandoned pets) by paraplegic dog foster expert by Amanda Wheeler and Trish Burson, volunteers of Street Dog Hero, Oregon. Oskar would live with Erica until he finds a permanent home.

Indies or stray dogs are found everywhere across India. Strays as small as a one-month-old puppy to 15-year-old full-grown dogs are found loitering on the streets and feeding on garbage to survive. While there has been a steady improvement in controlling the population of these strays, they are sadly never preferred during adoptions.

NewsOnPets, Petnews, Pets

“In a country where even today there’s a preference given to fairer skin; it shouldn’t be surprising that families don’t consider Indian breeds (mostly seen as strays) as pets. I’ve actually heard people say that they look “less cute” than the other dogs they get in a store. However we need to educate and spread the knowledge of the benefits of bringing home our local dogs – the climatic comfort, the low maintenance nature of Indian fur babies, easy food habits, their playful and loving nature and so much more needs to be brought to light. Moreover, people need to know that Indian strays are equally loving, playful and loyal than foreign breeds” says Disha George, a Mumbai pet parent and animal enthusiast.


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