Not a Smelly Cat; Groom Pets Regularly

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Cats and dogs alike can get dirty much quickly due to their daily adventures. Grooming pets is a necessary process. Unlike humans, they should not be bathed or shampooed daily, but they certainly should be groomed on a daily basis. So, if you want a healthy pet, keep aside at least half an hour a day for the process.

Keepin ‘em Clean
Pets do not wear shoes or clothes and run around a lot more, which means they require much more cleaning than humans do. Smart pet owners ensure that their paws are washed after a walk or a stroll outside home or their time in the garden to wash away their dirt.

Check ‘em Closely
Once a day, do check your pet for parasites, ticks and fleas. Detecting them early is the key to keeping them away from an infection or a bigger problem.

Grooming Range
Never use a human skincare or hair care product on dogs or cats. They can have a detrimental effect on them.  Also, do not use a medicated shampoo or a cream unless the vet recommends it. Do check with your vet before you choose a range of shampoos and other products. Unless it is necessary, do not change the products frequently. Stick to those which are safe and tested.

Teeth-ing Troubles
Dogs harbour a large number of bacteria in their teeth and can cause odour and lead to long-term health problems. Poor oral hygiene in dogs is very common and most adult dogs suffer from tooth pains. To avoid this, dog teeth should be brushed every alternate day with special products. While it is ideal to brush daily, few dogs take to it easily. However, they should be brushed at least thrice a week.

Cats are much more open to having their teeth brushed, thanks to their fastidious cleaning routines. But it is advisable to start teeth brushing while they are kittens and puppies so that they get used to the routine.

Hair and Nail Care
Pet hair should never be shaved. Cut or clip hair only if they are wounded etc. and localize the clipping. Let their natural hair remain and wash according to their specific needs. Dogs and cats with long hair must be brushed either daily or much more frequently than those with less hair. Brush them gently and with a bristle and a comb, and ensure that the pet enjoys the process.

Dog nails can be clipped but never clip a cat’s nails. They are a natural part of their paws!

*Story written by Katya Naidu

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