Narwhal, The Unicorn Pup, Proves That “Special is Awesome”

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Image Courtesy: @narwhalthepup

The internet has been taken by the storm by a so-called unicorn pup named Narwhal. The mixed-breed dachshund was born with an extra tail in between his forehead. Although the abandoned 10-week old pooch has won millions of hearts and has gained its fame worldwide.

Narwhal was rescued by a rescue group called Mac’s Mission in Missouri. They cater to canines that are either differently-abled or those who have been abused, injured or require special attention due to unfortunate mishaps or circumstances. The foster parents of Narwhal state that they are extremely lucky to have found Narwhal. Mac Mission’s post on Facebook states that the pup paves the path to being a poster figure for promoting a message that, “Special is Awesome”.

While speaking to the HuffPost, Dr. Brian Heuring, veterinarian of the Cape Small Animal Clinic said that “the tail was not causing harm or complications. It is likely a congenital defect. Those usually manifest in dogs as cleft palates or extra toes, and the causes can range from environmental factors to toxins the puppy’s mother may have been exposed to. I believe that the dog could have a special purpose in life like visiting schools, hospitals, and nursing homes, and show others that being different is more than ok ― it’s great, in fact.”

Mac’s Mission rescue group has received a positive response for taking good care of the pup. Various posts on the Facebook page state that many volunteers of the group were happy with having Narwhal around. They say that the pup has enlightened their minds and hearts. Narwhal has definitely become a global sensation!


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