Love Inspite of Abandonment: Benji

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Image Courtesy: Netflix

A Netflix reboot of 1974 classic directed by Joe Camp, ‘Benji’, revolves around the pup’s unconditional loyalty, love, and commitment for the two siblings, Carter, and Frankie and his determination to save their lives.

The plot begins with Benji being separated from Carter and Frankie by the evil dog snatchers.  Post this; the story is an adventure ride for the viewers. The manner in which the three are united is quite unexpected and fun to watch!

Benji effortlessly shows the dog’s resilience to track his owners and lead them home.

The film has no extraordinary animation, however the movie displays that without a big budget, it won millions of hearts. The script had a simple tone and the execution close to being perfect. The movie received 6/10 IMDB ratings. You can also watch the movie on Netflix.

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