Interview With Ophthalmologist, Dr. Adrian Camara

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Correspondent Rutuja Karkare spoke with Dr. Adrian Camara, an ophthalmologist working at Happy Tails Veterinary Specialty Hospital, to know more about how he has converted an entire floor at Happy Tails Veterinary Specialty, into an ophthalmology OPD and OT. He highlighted the necessity for a special department as pets require utmost attention and care.

  1. What prompted you to take up ophthalmology as your specialization? 

It was one single enlightening lecture that I attended at the veterinary college in Palampur, Himachal Pradesh during my post-graduation that opened my eyes and changed my perspective towards veterinary ophthalmology, while bearing in mind the demand, scope and opportunity in India for the same. And so, I decided to do my post-graduation research in veterinary ophthalmology and that was the beginning to it all.

Ophthalmology OT

Ophthalmology OT

  1. What was your thought process for having a full floor dedicated only for Ophthalmology at Happy Tails Veterinary Specialty? 

Since Happy Tails is a multi-specialty hospital and I was given the opportunity to bring in my specialty, we collectively decided to dedicate the 5th floor for the same. We have been steadily getting an increasing number of eye cases and we wanted every patient to have all the services we have to offer at the same level. Also, the number of modalities used in ophthalmology is so wide spread that we had to dedicate an entire floor. It accommodates not only an OPD but also a full-fledged OT.

eye problems, pets, dogs, cats, ophthalmology, vets

Ophthalmology Instruments

  1. What are the services you offer? 

We offer a wide range services in terms of diagnostics and treatment. Some of the Diagnostics include dye and tear tests, intraocular pressure measurements, and ophthalmoscopy for retinal checks, bio microscopy, ultrasonography, gonioscopy, cytology and culture sensitivity testing. Apart from invasive retinal procedure, all sorts of eye surgeries are performed here such as Phacoemulsification for cataracts with new lens placements, capsular tension ring placement for lens luxation’s, diamond burr keratectomies, Superficial and grid keratomy, grafts and flaps for deep ulcers, etc. Off late we have been working with stem cells for certain eye affections and it has proven to be a success.

Pet Parents now can visit this entity to get consultancies in Special departments as well!



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