India to Launch its First Post Graduate Course on Animal Protection Laws

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Hyderabad’s Animal Law Center at NALSAR University of Law collaborated with Humane Society International India to launch the first post graduate course on Animal Protection Laws. The diploma course has been segregated into four divisions, all of which cover topics including Animal Laws, Ethics, Welfare, and laws regarding wildlife as well as animal cruelty.

The one-year diploma course will be open to applicants of all academic backgrounds, social workers, animal right activists and anyone who has a deep- seated interest in animal welfare can enroll in this course. It’ll be designed for distance learning with a few classes every semester as part of the curriculum. The course will also open the floor to opportunities for policymaking and legal procedures in the animal well-being space. It can propel new conversation and broaden horizons for existing animal NGOs and activists.

Poonam Malhotra Gidwani, founder of Save The Paws, shared her sentiments on the course offering – “It’s a very good initiative.. totally support and encourage it. We need more ethical,efficient and enthusiastic Animal Welfare  Officers who follow the protocol. Need them to help in also creating awareness sessions in our society“.

newsonpets, pet news, animals, animal online, news, story, report

Source: Nalsar Law School Hyderabad 

In order to pass the course, students must aim to obtain a score of minimum of 50 per cent. Those who are unsuccessful in the first attempt can apply for a reset examination.

Students enrolling for this particular course will have access to all the reading materials, presentations and video lectures on online portals that will be specifically designed to cater to this course. The deadline for enrollment for the course is on August 10th, 2019. The course fee costs ₹30,000 and prospective candidates can find the application on

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