Your Dogs can now have ice-creams too!

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Mumbai’s scorching heat calls for something icy and chilled. While every Mumbaikar sip over a glass of fresh lime soda or enjoys some Aamras, Waggy Zone’s Dog Ice Creams has a chilled box of ice cream ready for your pet to beat the summer heat.
Ice creams contain milk and sugar. Dogs are lactose intolerant and raw milk and sugar are a big ‘No’.  However, these ice creams are made of frozen yoghurt, which is a substitute ingredient to milk, and added fruits and honey bring in the flavours your pooch would love.
Flavour of 5
“The ingredients are generally yoghurt, honey and fresh fruits with no added colours or essence and are preservative free. As it is yoghurt based, its probiotically good for the dogs and reduces the acidity too. We wanted to make a fun frozen treat so the frozen yoghurt treats as dogs are not allowed milk and sugar,” says DarshanKaur Khalsa owner of Waggy Zone’s Dog Ice Creams.
Waggy Zone comes in five frozen yoghurt flavours: honey, banana, blueberry, mango and carrot freshly mixed with frozen yoghurt.
doggie ice cream, NewsOnPets, Waggy Zone
How it all began
“I was never a ‘dog person’, in fact, I was scared of them. However, things changed when my husband Kshitij Kulkarni adopted a 45-day-old abandoned German Shepherd puppy. I was scared, but Tyra’s innocence struck me,” Ms Khalsa told the Hindu.
One day as she was eating ice cream,  she was disheartened that she couldn’t share the same with her 4-year-old pooch while he stared at her. Being a part of an ice cream manufacturing family, she knew she was up for something great. She then began her research to innovate a dessert for her pooch.  Mixing and whipping some fresh curd and fruits, she fed her four-legged. To her surprise the doggo loved it.

Founder of waggyzone Darshankaur Khalsa wins Nari Shakti National Awards 2018 for Business & Entrepreneurship – Innovations Category.

Posted by Waggy Zone on Thursday, 15 March 2018

Start of Something New 
Unknowingly, she began her entrepreneurship career then itself. With 5 thousand rupees as her initial capital, she started Waggy Zone, frozen desserts for dogs. After months of research with canine nutritionists and other veterinarians, she managed to understand what’s best for these pooches and what should be avoided, to thus develop this special recipe formula, loved by many.
Each cup of ice creams costs Rs.60 with one scoop in a cup. Its ideal for a dog to have a cup or two each day. ” Even though officially, there are no standards and certifications in the dog food industry, within the specific product range, the brand follows all FSSAI compliances,” Ms Khalsa adds while narrating to the Hindu.
Spreading Far and Wide
Currently, Waggy Zone reaches out its supply to around 10 pet stores in Mumbai. From Tardeo and Mulund to Borivali and Powai, its spread far and wide. They are also available online on Big, and Apart from Mumbai, they have extended to Mangalore too and soon would start their supply in Delhi as well.
Yes, Cats can have it too
Research by states that cats do not prefer cold, as much as we think they do. Reason being, they are more susceptible to brain freeze. However, Khalsa states Waggy Zone Dog Ice Creams are safe for them as well and if a pet cat enjoys ice creams, these scoops can be given to them as well. With regards to other pets and ice creams, Waggy Zone hasn’t discovered a perfect ice cream for them but for doggies they say its a perfect mix.

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