What to expect when bringing home a kitten

The day one gets a cat home is the most memorable day of their lives. However, there are many things that cat parents have to do to prepare for the arrival of their kitty baby.

The arrival

A new kitten that comes home from a shelter takes time to settle in. They are also very territorial about their space. So, let them go around and pick a cozy place. Generally, they prefer to sit inside a book shelf or under the table or other such dark corners from where they observe everything. Also, do not try to go for a cuddle way too soon. It might be extremely hard to resist but they need space and time.

Here are the things that you should have in place before you bring home your friend.

Litter Box

Cats are very possessive about how and where they relieve themselves. Set up a litter box with grain and allow them enough privacy to poop. They also like to dig and bury it so do not peep in or try to watch the process and it annoys cats. Kittens are no exception. They are very clean creatures by nature and take care of their own hygiene without intervention.

First Shopping

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The first shopping items to add to the cart or a list includes a cat carrier,  food bowls, litter scoopers, canned kitty food, coat brushers etc. Cat toys like wands, plush toys and balls also keep young kittens entertained. Do get toys with rough surfaces which allow them to scratch because cats scratch instinctively and if not provided with an outlet they tend to scratch the furniture. Also make sure sofas and other material are taped initially until they learn that they should not be scratched at.

Cat-proof the home

Cats are intelligent creatures and can jump from windows and land soft footed onto a wall or a sill. However, kittens are yet to develop the ability to assess heights wisely. Those who live in apartments, especially above the second floor should secure the windows with a wire mesh to avoid accidents. A few common house plants like Lilly can be poisonous to cats so avoid them and also secure most areas by removing electrical boards or sharp and breakable objects.

Feeding areas

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Identify areas where they can be fed, since cats tend to be territorial as mentioned earlier. Make sure that the feeding area is far away from the area which has the litter box, to maintain the hygiene factor. Making sure that there is a place earmarked for feeding will also help communication. If the kitten is hungry, it will go the place and wait. That will help get the signs right.


Cats love to watch the world. They choose a window sill or an area from where they keep an eye on the events outside their homes. It is a great entertainer for kittens since they spend most of their time looking out. If there is one such place, clear it and place a small bedding in there so that they can watch the world from their own eyes, while we keep a keen eye on them.

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