Waterproof your pooches with fashionable rain gears

The rainy season in India has begun and across the country thunderstorms and heavy showers have gushed in. As the skies turn grey, each one suits themselves up with waterproof gears from head to toe.  While we choose the best for ourselves, is your four-legged pooch ready for this season? Here are some of the rain gears, like leash umbrellas, rain boots or raincoats shortlisted for your pooches from head to tail.

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Pet parents love to choose the best for their pooches. Pampering doesn’t end at just waterproofing their pets with a raincoat; however, fashion statement too comes in the picture. Colours, prints and look, everything is taken into consideration before gearing up their pet. Brands like PetWale and Doxters is all over Amazon with a range of fashionable raincoats for dogs of all breeds and sizes. They are priced anywhere from 1000 – 2000Rs. The raincoats cover the pooches right from their head, preventing water from entering the ears to covering the tail.   “The material of the coat is great and it fits my pet so well”, read a review on Amazon by Shimona Gomes.

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Leash Umbrellas

Another unique concept for taking your pet out for a walk during heavy pours is the leash with an umbrella. It is basically a long rigid handle of the umbrella along with a short leash over it that is attached to the collar of your pooch. The umbrella covering the pooches head protects it from being drenched in rains. It’s ideal for walking dogs in the monsoons and Adding to its unique features is that the Umbrellas are generally transparent so that you can keep an eye on the direction your pooch takes and that he doesn’t step on dirt or muck.  It is easily available online on e-commerce websites like Amazon and is priced between Rs800 – Rs2000.

“We bought this for a relative’s dog. The dog hates going out in the rain and has accidents if she doesn’t do her business. The dog loved the umbrella and went out in the rain with no problem. Great idea”, F. Bosnick reviewed on Amazon. NiceHyacinth and LESYPET are brands that are best-reviewed fo Leash Umbrellas.

Dog Rainboots

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Whether dog walking or taking our pet for a drive during the rains, at some point or the other you may have to keep your pet on the ground. Some breeds have sensitive paws, while in metro cities like Mumbai or Delhi, you never know what’s below your dog’s paw. Apart from the rough surface, small puddles filled with murky water can get into the paw nails, thus causing various infections. Above and beyond these dog boots also add on to your pooch’s cuteness, making him/her look sassy and spruce. The price for these boots are affordable and range anywhere from Rs300 – Rs1000.

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