Wales to ban the use of wild animals in traveling Circuses

In the past, legal action has been taken as a step to prevent cruel behavior against animals being used for recreational purposes. Wales follows Scotland’s footsteps by planning to pass a bill to stop the use of animals in circuses.
New legislative plans will be announced about taking the right steps forward. When speaking to the BBC, the Welsh Government rural affairs minister Lesley Griffiths said, “Wild animals should be treated with respect”. The bill states that,“The new law will regard it as an offence if an owner of a moving circus uses, or permit another circus mate to use a wild animal in a traveling circus.”
The Wild Animals and Circuses (Wales) Bill was brought up by the government in an attempt to put focus on the ethical concerns raised of using wild animals in a moving circus space around the country. The new act will protect the animals. Anyone convicted of breaking the law would face a hefty  fine in court, as stated in the press release by Wales Government, dated on July 8.
Across the United Kingdom, there are only two traveling circuses that uses camels, zebras and reindeer’s. The circus travels across various countries and Wales is visited on a frequent  basis. Most of the Welsh population are against this form of entertainment and activity. Approximately more than 650 and more have backed the bill. Although the circuses are for the public,  endangered wild animals are people’s concern. They believe that entertainment is not the same as before. They claim that it is extremely alarming to watch them being at the mercy of humans during a performance.
Griffiths added, “that the introduction of this Bill sends a clear message that the Government and the people of Wales believe this practice to be outdated and ethically unacceptable”. He classifies wild animals as “sentient beings” and they should be respected and treated with dignity, rather than being exploited.
Claire Lawson, the RSPCA Cymru Assistant Director for External Relations, acknowledged the gratitude and support from a major section of the population. The practice of having wild animals as an element of a  circus setting is outdated mindset. This does not adhere to contemporary of Wales.
Animal Welfare organizations along with the citizens of Wales await the hearing and hope that along with Wales, Great Britain bans the use of animals in traveling circus troupes and free the animals.

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