Two Travelers, two pooches and a four month road trip

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Tanveer Taj and Priyanka Jena journeyed 12,500 km across 20 states with their pooches Frodo and Cruise. The dogs are seasoned travellers and have been travelling with their parents since they were pups. The duo has their own Instagram account called Wheels and Tails where every captured moment is posted for 45.5k followers to stay inspired.

However, they believe India lays back with regards to pets and pet-friendly accommodations. “We need to get rid of the misconception that travelling with pets is a difficult task. Pet parents should travel with their pooches more often and this demand will lead to India being a pet-friendly nation. We should bring the thought and the change will follow”, Tanveer Taj told NewsOnPets.

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Travel with Pooches

Tanveer and Priyanka love travelling and they have visited many parts of the country individually as well as together. Both are pet parents. Tanveer has a six-year-old golden retriever and Priyanka has a three-year-old Labrador. Whenever they travelled, they always found it difficult to leave their pooches alone. They either kept them at a friend’s place or left them at a pet care centre. “It got quite difficult. Hence one day we took them on a ride and figured out that they were very comfortable and enjoyed every bit of the travel. From there on, I believed, it is not at all difficult to travel with your pooches”, Tanveer told NewsOnPets.

Indian isn’t a pet-friendly place 

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On December 7, 2018, the two travellers along with their pooches set out on a four-month-long road trip across 20 states covering 12,500km across the country. “Our main aim was to cover the different terrains of the country, whether mountains, beaches, forests, plains or snowy regions”, said Tanveer. However, it took the duo a year, to plan the trip as according to them, India isn’t a pet-friendly country and it doesn’t have many pet-friendly accommodations as of now. This was the major challenge we faced. “Even if we found a pet-friendly location online, when we called them to confirm our bookings, they would say, ‘no animals allowed’. Some places didn’t let us in as our pets were big and they believed would cause us problems. In places like Jharkhand, Uttar Pradesh and Bihar, people wondered what we were doing with two dogs in the car. However, we had our social media to rely on. One of our users opened their doors for us and the others guided us right. At times we were even stranded on highways and had no place to stay, but we survived”, he added.

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Another challenge they faced was at Meghalaya in the Northeast. Cruise, their dog was ill for 10 long days. “While he was running, he injured his toe and since it was a rural area, finding a vet was a task. Finding one at a local government hospital, we rushed him there. He was prescribed with the wrong medicine and that affected his tummy. We then consulted our pet doctor from Mumbai and realized that the wrong medicines affected Cruise’s tummy. However, Cruise fought back and recovered with the help of the prescriptions given by our Mumbai doctor”, said Tanveer.

Northern strays a threat

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The two pooches were pet-friendly and got along with strays dogs well. The couple said that they were always off their leash and interacted with different animals all throughout the journey. However, “in the North, amidst the snowy mountain regions, the stray dogs are territorial and they are super huge. The strays there used to growl at our pooches and Frodo even got into a fight with a Tibetan Mischief. Luckily, there weren’t any major injuries”, he added.

More than expected

While Tanveer loved the mountains, Priyanka, his partner loved the oceans. They had a wishlist and they wouldn’t want to fulfil it alone, rather fulfil it with their pets too.

They began their journey from Bombay and covered the entire coastline, i.e. Goa, Karnataka, Tamilnadu, Andhra Pradesh, Orissa and then went up to the seven sisters and then to the snowy peaks of Himachal and then made their way back to Bombay by covering Punjab Haryana, Rajasthan and Gujarat. “The trip was pretty good, however, we spent most of the time in our car itself. But what we wished for and succeeded in, is that we could show them places what India has to offer. No place was the same and each region has a unique variant of its own”, said Tanveer.


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