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The Lion King”, as the movie name appears on screen, nostalgia strikes in. After Aladdin and Dumbo, Disney studio is all geared up for the third and final remake of the year. The Lion King releases this July. The classic remake is out with its official trailer published by Walt Disney Studios and has definitely hit the right key, thus taking one back to the summer of 1994.

Popular faces in the Remake

Journeying through the African plains, Jon Favreau and  Disney’s classic “The Lion King”, narrates the story of a young cub that follows his father’s footsteps after the father was murdered. The young prince, Simba, runs away from his kingdom just to understand and live the true meaning of responsibility and returns back along with his two friends Timon and Pumba to conquer his homeland from Scar, Simba’s wicked uncle. Many scenes of the 2019 release like the one after the death of Scar, Simba claims his reign on his throne. We see him walk up the cliff and roar under the pouring rain. This has been picked up from the 1994 Lion King to thus give the glimpses of the original. 

Writers Jeff Nathanson, Brenda Chapman, Irene Mecchi, Jonathan Roberts and Linda Woolverton along with a huge star cast with familiar faces which includes famous celebrities like Beyonce, Donald Glover as adult Simba, James Earl Jones, Billy Eichner and more.

“Excited for sure for the movie. The visualisation, music, dialogues brought back fond childhood memories and a couple of ‘aww’ moments. I personally think the movie will be worth a watch,” says Anishka Alvares from Mumbai. The Lion King’s official trailer has definitely created curiosity and many await for July, the month of the movie release. However, some on the other hand never wanted a remake after watching its official trailer. 

Official better than the First

The first trailer of the movie released on November 22. It began with the lyrics of the movie song Circle of Life, “Nants ingonyama bagithi baba,” which translates, “here comes a lion, father. Oh yes! it’s a lion.” While the trailer did not reveal much of the release, it did produce a sense of how the movie would look like.

On the other hand, its official trailer, released last week, has a mix of flamboyant cinematography. The camera swipes through a familiar looking African plain that allows one to glance through the flashes of the original movie. It shows young Simba and Nala who walk through the Elephant Graveyard. It’s the wasteland which is far beyond the borders of the Pride Land, the place where Simba is told he shouldn’t go. We get to see so much more than what the first trailer had to offer. The richly textured CGI has indeed brought the characters to life. Adding to it, we get to hear an all-star voice cast that has been congregated for the movie.  All in all, the trailer gives one the taste and feel of what the entire movie would look like.

Official Trailer’s Backlash

Many fans have backlashed the remake through its trailer. Viewers took the social media platform, Twitter, to comment and review on the classic remake. One of the tweets by username @laadylinda says “The teaser trailer for Aladdin looks so much better than the Lion King trailer. I’m not hyped for this movie at all. Beyonce as the adult Nala is a big no for me. I like her music, but not as a voice actor. And for the animals the CGI is awful.” Another tweet by @NathanD95473252, “Lion King remake trailer is laughably bad in my opinion. CGI looks awful. I skipped the Beauty and the Beast remake and definitely boycotting any future ones. When it comes to living action, stick to Broadway.” And some more:

With such mixed reviews, whether the movie will be as good as it’s original or would disappoint every 90’s kid, let’s wait and watch.  You can watch the trailer here if you haven’t watched it yet. The Lion King by Disney studios releases on 19th July 2019.

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