Twitterati believes in the many lives of dogs

This summer’s most awaited release, ‘A Dog’s Journey’ touches on a story which pet parents believe, that dogs can reincarnate and keep coming back into their lives. This Dennis Quaid movie is a sequel to the 2017 hit movie, ‘A dog’s purpose’. The movie inspired many pet parents to wonder if their dogs have been returning back to them.

Back from the farm

The relationship between a human and a dog is as unfulfilling as unconditional due to the lower lifespan of a dog. The first part of the new release ‘A Dog’s journey’ inspired many people to wonder if the concept of reincarnation of a dog is true. Twitterati has been speculating this forever.

A few even believe that their favourite people like parents and aunts reincarnate as dogs to come back to be with them, and help them through tough times.


Back to canine

A few others wishfully think that they should be re-born as dogs which would help them live happy and spoiled lives!


Shirley MacLaine  

Hollywood actress and singer, Shirley MacLaine has always been an animal lover and believed in the many lives, and reincarnation of dogs. She has written a book on her dog, Terry called ‘Out on leash’. The terrier had won over the Academy winning actress who she believed was a ‘wellspring of love’.


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