This teen activist paves the way for all animal lovers!

Photo Courtesy: Sai Vignesh - 18 year old

A teenager from Chennai is the knight in shining armor! For all those four legged friends who do not have a place they can call home to seek comfort, Sai Vignesh is their gallant. He has an independent space in Alapakkam, Chennai where he looks after 15 injured and abandoned dogs. The 18 year old activist has rescued over 300 animals including dogs, cats, birds and cows.

And that’s not it! This young man has also hygienically conducted vaccination and sterilization camps for over 900 dogs. Additionally, he has taken it upon himself to provide each and every one of them with a loving home. Approximately 200 stray puppies and kittens have found solace in a new home.

Photo Courtesy: The News Minute / Sai Vignesh playing with his dogs

Photo Courtesy: The News Minute / Sai Vignesh playing with his dogs

In 2017, Sai Vignesh also set up the Almighty Animal Care Trust initiative in an attempt to run and  operate animal rescues in an orderly fashion with the help of solicitous volunteers.

Photo Courtesy: Milaap / Sai Vignesh with dog

Additionally, the teenager is also a voracious animal activist and has filed five legal complaints against animal abuse. Out of which, one was an FIR filed against a dog poisoning incident and a PIL (which is still in progress) against a mishap at a dog shelter.

Thanks to his family dog, Bhairava, Sai Vignesh connected with animals at a very young age. After the death of his pet, he needed an outlet to help him deal with his personal suffering. That’s when he started feeding and taking care of stray dogs around his vicinity, as his own pets. This then became one of his personal goals as part of his life – to home and nurture those who need the love and support.


Photo Courtesy: Milaap / Sai Vignesh outside site

Photo Courtesy: Milaap / Sai Vignesh outside site

When speaking to the Social Story, he said, “Everyone can help animals – you can do something simple like feeding them and keeping a bowl of water outside. You can also offer your compound as a shelter during extreme weather conditions. It doesn’t take a lot to care for animals”.

Sai Vignesh is currently building one of the biggest animal shelters in Chennai with the help of local veterinary specialists.

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