The “star canine” of Vizianagaram is etched in our hearts forever!

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During a football match on Saturday, the eight year old tracker-dog, Varsha, got severely injured. When she was immediately taken to the veterinarians, they could not arrange for a suitable blood transfusion and due to Varsha’s other health complications. Unfortunately she suffered substantial blood loss and did not survive.

The entire force payed a homage to her in the form of  floral tributes. Her body was cremated on Sunday.

She was the first canine to be part of the Vizianagaram police department in Hyderabad. The doberman joined the police force only when she was just three months old and was trained by Srinivas Rao.

The department bestowed upon the title of “star crime tracker canine”. She was known to successfully decode 136 crime cases out of which three such cases were sentenced to life imprisonment.

Varsha at work / Photo Courtesy: The News Minute

Varsha at work / Photo Courtesy: The News Minute

Apart from assisting the police officials, Varsha also played a significant role in the bomb squad as well. She has won numerous accolades for her demonstrations during The Republic Day and Independence Day parades, respectively.

When speaking to The News Minute, her trainer, Rao, said that, “the entire department is mourning. She was with us for 8 years. She wasn’t just a dog, she was like our family member”.

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