The Goose that brings Avengers to its end?

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Marvel fans are staring at the end of the road with Avengers: Endgame. As the 20-movie universe comes to an end, and 25 heroes will call it a day, the craze for this version has overtaken the famed Pottermania too.

A cat called Goose

The Avengers universe is overcrowded with heroes. But what caught our attention is Captain Marvel’s feline friend, Goose. As like everything in the Marvel universe, there is nothing normal about the cat. The cat is actually an alien named Flerken! Though it starts off its character as a stowaway, the cat plays an important character. At an opportune moment, Goose swallows Tesseract which is a cosmic cube and a power source of Dr Wendy Lawson. And in a thrilling post-credit scene, like in all Avengers movies which keep fans glued to seats long after the ending scene, Goose regurgitates it too.

Now that Endgame is upon us, fans are expecting Goose to be the surprise weapon which could play an important role. And, Twitterati has many theories that range between interesting, imaginative to absurd.

Like Lawson’s power source, Goose could also steal the Gauntlet from Thanos, which could be left unattended by him as he gets too cocky torturing Nebula.

Goose Tentacles

As we saw in Captain Marvel, Flerkens can more than just claws and hisses. The cat could his mouth wide to unleash a host of tentacles and massive teeth, and he can swallow things whole to boot. What if Flerken can pop off one of Thanos’ Infinity Stones and swallow them whole, or even the Gauntlet? Well, only time can tell.



Flerken can also teleport things within their pocket universes instantly, and as we saw in the comics. It can bring and send things halfway through the universe in a matter of seconds.  What if Goose can teleport Iron Man needs to Earth in an instant?

In a universe where superpowers are galore and supervillains are extreme, Goose and his unending powers can come in handy. This could be a kickass ending to the series, satiating crazed fans.

End of Avenger Supermovies? Nah!

Endgame isn’t the end of the superhero movies for sure. Marvel announced a few movies like Black Widow solo movie, a Black Panther sequel, a third Guardians of the Galaxy movie, a movie about the beings known as Eternals, a Doctor Strange follow-up, and a movie about Shang-Chi, Marvel’s first movie about an Asian superhero. The curious thing is that Marvel hasn’t revealed when these movies will be released, in an effort to keep the attention where it wants; on Endgame. But we can sniff a Goose spinoff too? Can we?

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