The Gangsters of Raisina Hill

A hallowed road, sandwiched between the Secretariats in New Delhi to the famed North Block that houses ministries and the South Block with the PMO; is Raisina Hill. Many say that Raisina Hill has its own charm along with the expected ‘scent of power’.

At the end of the road, one finds a chowki, which offers the best possible and a picturesque view of the magnificent Rashtrapati Bhavan. This part of the city paints a sparklingly glorious view of the Sun setting on the British Raaj architecture. That’s an irony as the imperials would once claim that the Sun never set on the British Empire. That’s probably why people walk in droves to enjoy this natural beauty of one of the world’s biggest Presidential palaces in the world!

The ‘framers’

Those who are busy enjoying the tranquillity or furiously clicking away selfies, are jolted from their activity by two fun-loving pranksters—Kallu and Gora. At least, that’s what the cops on duty call them. And, why are they nicknamed so? Kallu is the one which has more black patches with white patches in between; and Gora is just the opposite, with abundant white patches. Their black tails and cool, bossy demeanour gives them a very ‘gansgta’ feel and they sure do rule the area!

So what are Kallu and Gora up to? The visitors and tourists watch them wandering around, posing with those on these guys included in their selfies. The rest of the time, these guys photobomb others and loitering around people with phones, looking to snap a picture. It was as if they had a knack of knowing where the right frame was, to make themselves pretty in every picture and present the best foot forward! They are extremely similar to those ‘street walkers’ who find some urgent task to perform right into the frames of annoyed and angry TV journalists!

Raisina legacy

As much as we know about these pranksters, there are is a lot that’s unknown. For one, no one really knows how long these guys have stayed there. The cops with whom they spend the most amount of time with, are on rotation. They say that the duties of Kallu and Gora are handed down from one battalion to the other, as their shifts or locations change.

Kallu also walks around with a deep-cut bruise. The cops say that the wound is a bad one, which occurred unfortunately as he found himself in the direct line of a speeding convoy car. The bruise is all but healed but it looks it requires medical attention and treatment. Soon after the accident, the called for an ambulance that never arrived. So far, all the first-aid and treatment they have is from the cop’s medical kit at their station.

The rice plate

The border security forces guarding the area, have taken it upon themselves to feed them and take care of their meals. Feeding Kallu and Gora’s meals, is one of the many responsibilities that are handed down to from shift to shift of the security force of the area. They are mostly fed daal, chapati and meat that is served to the soldiers. Sometimes they are given rice too. However, before they share the meals meant for the soldiers, the spices are washed off to ensure that the canines do not turn ill consuming food flavoured for human palates. They also carefully save a portion of the milk reserved for soldiers’ tea, for these guys.


We absolutely love the way they are cared for. The soldiers are indeed doing their best to ensure that the two dogs are happy and healthy. More importantly, Kallu and Gora enjoy the love, care and attention of many which ensures that they receive the human touch that most street dogs never do.

We at Newsonpets, want to ensure that the dogs are medically cared for and fed healthier food that they are meant to eat. If any pet food companies, are keen on providing the soldiers with Kibble that can provide them with nutritious meals, please do drop us a line in comments section below. 

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