Movie Review: The cat of horrors from Pet Sematary

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Pet Sematary is a dark thriller and a remake of the 1989 classic by Stephen King. Known for the shockingly eerie cat character, this movie is perfect for those looking to re-visit their pet peeves or form new ones.

The movie has received mixed reviews but everyone agrees that this movie is the best cat horrors of all times. The performance of the Church as the horrifying cat has caught the imagination of viewers. His sanity-defying performance with starry eyes is creating a nightmare to remember.

Creed Family

The plot begins with Dr Louis Creed (Clarke) who moves into a new home from Boston along with his family and their pet cat, Churchill. He isn’t fully aware of what’s in store for his family at rural Maine after he has relocated but had a little idea about it. Away from his house, into the woods, he walks around to thus discover the burial ground filled with mystery.

The Creed family seeks help from their neighbour Jud Crandall’s (John Lithgow).  And they unleash the horror. After Churchill dies in an accident, father and daughter bury him in the mysterious ground called the Pet Sematary. The place according to Jud is known for bringing the dead back to life but in an evil form. The cat returns.

Louis unfolds the mystery. He takes the cat far away with a hope he never returns back. But he does. Daughter (Amy Seimetz) loves the cat and found her across the road runs behind it. That is when she is smashed by the truck and is dead. Father buries the daughter in the same ground and she returns back to take the mom and later Creed.

Directors Kevin Kolsch and Dennis Widmyer stuck to the novel and the old classic. However, bloody twists and unexpected appearances definitely made one jump off their seats.

Behind the scenes

The cat was trained and tricked with treats to get the shots done. Techniques such as targeting were used where an obstacle is set up and the cat runs to the mark, it clicks and gets the treat. Then the marker is slowly taken further away. Another technique called free shaping is used. The cat was portrayed in his best way with the furs poking out and of course, I could mention a hundred times, his starry eyes.


The movie plays with the minds of the people. Although remakes are known to gauge a newer audience, here it honestly didn’t do justice. While the actors did an amazing job with their skills, the VFX, cinematography and the story, in particular, did not do full justice. However, some scene did give me a start. Like the girl jumping on the mom when she returns back, mom crawling with broken bones and baby brother suddenly waking up and watching his mom awfully. The funeral procession of children wearing masks was done well. However, the movie has definitely manipulated many minds and as I look at my cat, it’s not the same cute adorable feel I get any more.

“It’s a thriller, not a complete horror I would say. While the story is simple and without any twist, I think writers of the movie could have done better,” Nelson Aranha told NewsOnPets.

Many on Twitter as well have given mixed reviews.

The original #PetSematary wasn’t all that great but still managed to evoke strong emotions through the characters’ predicaments and distressing events. Sadly this remake failed to achieve the same effect, coming off a by-the-numbers, watered-down version of the 1989 classic, said Johann Affendy in a twitter post.

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