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Tinder is a popular mobile dating app and has millions of users. Last month Tinder began an initiative of promoting pet adoption and rescue amongst its users through their latest service called #PawfectMatch. The feature allows users to adopt or foster pets of their choice by just swiping right.

How does it work?

Pet profiles are created on the app. Users are allowed to view the profile and swipe right. Post which, a user will be redirected to a form which allows them to choose from the following options: volunteer, donate, adopt or foster. Contact and other preferences are needed to be submitted by users which will then be collated across partner organizations. The volunteers available will then carry the procedure ahead to drop the pet to their forever homes.

“With our engaged user base and proven track record of driving conversations, we are committed to using our influence to stand up for causes and work to bring change. Our partners will directly reach out to users who voluntarily share their details and preferences. Our partners have a long-standing history in rescue, rehabilitation, and re-homing of abandoned pets”, Kapoor told Asian Age.

The Collaboration

Pet lovers in the country have been increasing in numbers, and so have stray animals looking for forever homes. Tinder has recently collaborated with many animal rescue shelters across Mumbai, Delhi and Pune in India, thus making pet adoption and donation available via the app. The animal shelters and rescue organizations Tinder partnered with includes Friendicoes SECA (Delhi), World for All Animal Care and Adoptions (Mumbai), RESQ (Pune), Charpaws Foundation (Delhi), Karma Foundation (Delhi), and Red Paws Rescue (Delhi) for this initiative.


“The objective of this move is to shed light on the issue of abandonment of pets and encourage people to help. Finding new homes for abandoned pets is a tough job. Through this initiative, we believe we can help in connecting our community to dogs and use registrations to increase their network”, Taru Kapoor, general manager of Tinder India told Asian Age.

Need for Safety

Many cases in the recent past have brought to light the need for safety amongst stray animals. Over 2000 animals have been saved and rescued by Friendicoes, a Delhi based organization. On the other hand World For All in Mumbai have rescued   12,000 animals and have given 7500 strays their forever homes. Well, such organizations are present all over the country and reaching to them through a social media platform Tinder helps more users explore and understand the need to adopt or do their bit towards animal welfare.

“Tie-ups with such brands help us expand our reach. But there is still a lot of follow-ups that needs to be done after. We do house checks to make sure that the pet will be accepted by the entire family, besides, we make sure whoever is adopting isn’t a breeder and is willing to sterilise the animal,” Nidhi Sharma, an adoption counsellor at Umeed for Animal Foundation, a Delhi based NGO told Quartz India


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