Still in search for their feline family member…

Photo Courtesy: Times of India / Babu and his family

Three weeks ago, Jayesh, a cloth merchant from Surat, lost their beloved pet cat Babu. They have been staying in the temple town of ­Tirupati, which is 1500km away from their humble abode just in hope to find their cat.

The cat went missing from his basket on June 13 when the couple was preparing to board the train from the Renigunta Railway station. The three were heading back to Surat after their pilgrimage visit at Tirumala temple.

Caught up in all the chaos, the couple even got scammed by a couple of locals. They were tricked into handing a large sum of money (Rs. 50,000) to them in return of finding their pet. The couple have looked far and near, in various towns, including Srikalahsti.

The couple even tried to seek help from the respective police stations, but the cops gave them a hard time. Hence these attempts were unsuccessful.

When speaking to Gulf News, Jayesh said, “It is obvious that somebody has stolen the cat. We have decided to remain here until we find our Babu. We cannot go back without our pet”.

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