Spaying: A healthier and happier option for girl pets

It is now common for pet parents of girl dogs or cats to spay them. Spaying is nothing but sterilizing the pet by removing its reproductive organs. The surgery, called ovariohysterectomy, involves removal of ovaries and uterus. The number of parents choosing spaying over neutering are higher. This option is chosen for wrong reasons. Most parents of girl pets find menstruation and heat cycles, uncomfortable and awkward. Those who are not bogged down by the discomfort, too can also choose spaying for the many advantages it brings.

Say no to ovarian cancers

Popular myths say that spayed pets will put on weight. That is not true. On the contrary, spayed pets are much healthier. The risk of developing mammary, uterine and ovarian cancers, is lower. Mammary cancers are becoming common for female pets and eliminating the possibility can elongate their life. Dogs and cats alike which are unspayed are also at risk of developing a uterine infection called pyrometra. This life threatening disease too can be avoided. The quality of life of pets that do not have to undergo the pain of pregnancy and heat cycles, is also much higher.

Fewer fights and wounds

The top most cause of wounds in pets are fights and other altercations that occur during heat cycles. Heat cycles make pets behave irrationally and their behaviour turns uncontrollable for the female as well as male pets in the vicinity. They can be avoided and it will be easy for pet parents to predict their behaviour without the mood swings.

Running away? No more

Heat cycles are amongst the top causes of pets running away from home. Pet parents fail to stop them because their desire to mate is so strong that they even break out of their leashes to run away. As the desire dies down, those which are unable to find their way back home or are not found by their distressed parents, lead a miserable life. Home-bred dogs are incapable of living their life as strays.

Sex life does not matter

Pet parents do not have to feel guilty about taking away sex life of pets. Unlike humans who crave for, and protect their sexual identity, pets have no such emotions. They are caused exclusively by hormones, which can also be eliminated with reproductive organs. They also do not have to mate for companionship because they are content with human love.

Younger the better

Pets which are spayed at a younger age, recover faster. Popular notions that pets have not go through a litter before they are spayed, are wrong. Dogs and cats as young as eight weeks can be spayed, before they can even reach puberty.

Cheap and safe

Spaying is an inexpensive surgery. Added to that, a large number of NGOs perform these surgeries for free or at an extremely subsidized rate to tackle the ever-growing pet population.

Post-surgical complications are also fewer. There  as there might be some inflammation around the area of incision. Vets prescribe pain medication to help them tide over the first few days when the surgery might ache.

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