Poisoned strays & beaten dogs: Mumbai ranks high on animal cruelty

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Crimes against animals is on the rise, across the country. And, unfortunately Mumbai is bucking the trend with multiple counts of cruelty cases that have come to the fore. A few days back near Santacruz, a stray dog was beaten to death by a lady who was angered that it had vomited on the door. Added to that, nine stray dogs were poisoned to death at a construction project near Mira Road.

Blood Vomit

The number of cases that have come to light is also due to NGOs and citizens who now take crime against animals, seriously. The city which is known as the second largest pet owning city in India, also has dedicated pet lovers who crusade for the cause. An FIR has been registered against the lady who killed a stray in Santacruz, under IPC Section 489, for attacking and killing an animal.

The neighbours who registered a case, also tried to stop the incident as the lady chased the stray, called Macho, with a washing bat. Later, they took the dog which was crying and vomiting blood to the Parel hospital. He died the very next day.

Blocks of death

Real estate and stray dogs have been at loggerheads since times immemorial. The government has provided animals the right to land, clarifying that those who build residential and commercial properties have no right to displace the strays. In fact, even BMC officials who spay and neuters dogs also release them at their locality, after recovery.

While laws are in place, it comes as no surprise that dogs are found dead at construction sites. Local animal rights activists have registered a case here nine stray dogs have been found dead at a construction plot. The men working at the site were charged as suspects.

“In many construction sites on Mira Road we have observed that men feed and raise dogs. But after some time, the dogs disappear. We are making inquiries with local people and the workers and supervisors at the plot to trace the culprit,” activist Vijaya Fernandes said told The Indian Express.

These acts have been denounced by many on social media, hoping that stricter enforcement of law can deter people from cruelty towards animals.


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