Dog school idea yet to take off in Mumbai

Mumbai pet parents are not warming up to the idea of dog schools, not yet at least. According to research conducted by NewsOnPets, only half of the respondents said... Read more »

Blind dog will fly with Lufthansa to her forever home in Dulles

A visually impaired female dog was found on the streets of Ghatkopar, Mumbai. However, she has now found her forever home in the US and will fly with Lufthansa... Read more »

Mumbai Indians captain Rohit Sharma is a dog dad

In the history of Indian Premier League, this would be the 4th title in the name of Mumbai Indians. Tonight, Rohit Sharma, the winning team captain will go home... Read more »

A Dog’s Journey: Watch with no regrets

The screening of A Dog’s Journey held at Sunny Super Sound, Juhu, Mumbai on the 12th May witnessed giggles and tears at the same time. The event began at... Read more »

The Cast behind Bailey’s Purposeful journey

‘Some friendships transcend lifetimes’. A dog keeps coming back to his master telling a compelling story of love and affection. An official sequel to the 2017 film, ‘A Dog’s... Read more »