Yamini Gautam joins WWF to voice for sniffer dogs

May 20th was observed as International Day of the Rescue Dogs. Yamini Gautam, the Indian film actress joins international organization World Wildlife Fund (WWF) to spread awareness about sniffer... Read more »

Humans can now wag it like their pets. How?

Japanese inventors have come up with robotic cat body parts that are wearable by its users. These robots are either used as artificial therapy animals or as heart rates... Read more »

Pet Industry in USA to suffer losses post Trade War

The American-Chinese war began in 2017. This war has been recorded as ‘the largest trade war in economic history’. Products such as chemicals, coal and medical equipment made in... Read more »

Essential Oils Safe or Toxic for Pets?

Essential oils are natural and fragrant. They are organic constituents of plants, extracted via distillation or cold pressing. While the term natural and organic may seem safe. However, when it... Read more »

Exotics are coming to India, with few to stop the trade

Chennai police have unearthed a racket where exotic animals are being smuggled into the country by students looking to make a quick buck. Live exotics are brought in for... Read more »