Stringent laws on stray feeding; Need of the hour?

The government provides its four-legged with many laws. The most important of them is provenance where no stray dog or cat can be dislocated from its area. This bodes... Read more »

Animal cruelty now under agricultural ministry

The Central government shifted the responsibility and control of animal cruelty, to agricultural ministry. This also includes administrative responsibility of cow shelters. Earlier, animal welfare issues came under the... Read more »

Bird Feeding to resume against Government notice

On 2nd April, residential activists of Vasai-Virar and Andheri West rose complaints against the government ban on feeding birds and won over the removal of these notice boards, to... Read more »

Birds for sale in cramped cages

This Sunday, 550 endangered Indian birds including the Asian Koel, Hill Myna and Parakeets were rescued during a raid at an illegal pet market within Central Kolkata. These birds... Read more »

You’ll like to move it, move it Lemur-style

Have you ever thought about doing an inverted dog pose while watching a lemur is doing his own belly warming poses? A luxury hotel in England is offering a... Read more »