Floods in Assam Wreck Animal Habitats

Heavy rains have deeply affected the north-eastern states of India. Approximately 70 per cent of Assam’s Kaziranga National Park has borne the brunt of it. 95 camps are said... Read more »

Rulebook for Wild Life Enthusiasts!

Eco-Tourism is booming with the help of a wide range of digital cameras and mobile cameras equipped with a mega-zoom lens. High-resolution images are being splashed across social media... Read more »

Wales to ban the use of wild animals in traveling Circuses

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‘Chennai’s Birdman’ feeds 6000 birds daily since years

From 2000 birds in 2015 to 6000 birds today, a man in Chennai feeds birds on his rooftop in Chennai, every single day. He spends Rs.2436 every day to... Read more »

Couple journeys 27 hours to grant new life to Pet duck

Believing in the concept of taxidermy, a Bangalore couple drove 27 hours to visit Professor Santosh Gaikwad, India’s authorised taxidermist, in order to give new life to its pet... Read more »