Movie Review: DisneyNature’s Penguins; a fairy tale amidst deadly sea predators

Disneynature, on its 10th anniversary brought to us its thirteenth nature documentary on the life of a Penguin, in its recent release, ‘Penguins’. The story revolves around an Adélie... Read more »

Charlie, the oldest southern sea otter dies at 22

Charlie, the 22-year-old sea otter, who is known to be the oldest southern sea otter at any zoo or aquarium died last Monday, April 23 at the waterfront aquarium... Read more »

How Jainism kickstarted the concept of animal rights

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Oscar Pet Fish abandoned, Owner arrested

Family Pet fish was found abandoned in North Carolina by owner Michael Ray Hinson last week. Hinson, who was arrested, has been charged on three misdemeanour counts of animal... Read more »

Turtle with an exposed heart, inspires millions

Hope is a one of a kind albino pink belly side neck turtle. It was born with an exposed heart. This appropriately named turtle lives on with gusto and... Read more »