Pets scavenge and swallow – lookout for what they eat!

Dr. Nameeta at work
Pup or a fully grown dog, however old they get, they can never control themselves. You need to have your ‘A game’ on and juggle between playing good cop and bad cop.
This happens often when you take your furry friends for a walk or leave them to play. You would notice they are either scavenging or crunching on an inedible item. While this is natural for the dogs to explore and taste on anything they stumble upon it could have an adverse impact on their health.

Speaking to Dr Nameeta, an Endoscopist and Surgeon, she tells NewsOnPets that she found a variety of inedible objects Therefore this has resulted in a blockage in their digestive system. Through endoscopy,  she has found various items like artificial flowers, safety pins, mango kernels and crazy balls inside the dog’s body. Consumption of these items may lead to severe risks for the pets. In some cases, it can even result in death if not treated in time.

Photo courtesy: Fiona Vaz

Photo courtesy: Fiona Vaz

What is endoscopy?
‘It is a medical instrument used to examine the internal organs of the body’. This is a non-surgical treatment wherein the endoscope is directly positioned to get a close look at the organ.

Depending on the situation, if need be, surgical operation can be carried out to cut through the outer skin to remove objects from within the body.

Natural Behaviour

Dogs inherently love to smell and chew on anything that catches their eye. At times you may even find them smelling and licking faces or contents of garbage. Funnily enough, it is safe to say that the stench of poop is an aroma to a dog’s nostrils!

Puppies by nature are inquisitive beings. It is during the initial steps that they tend to wander about. Apart from their growth and development process, puppies, similar to infants, need to be looked after at all times. As pet parents, it is imperative to keep an eye out to prevent an unfortunate occurrence of such events.

While talking to The Nest, the Pet Finder explains, “Today’s dogs possess eating habits they have inherited from their ancestors, who could not rely on regular meals so they evolved with an ability to eat large quantities of food when it was available. Time is a powerful force, but not strong enough to remove all tendencies”

Find the Symptoms

To avoid roadblocks in the future, you must see to it that your pooch has not accidentally swallowed any inedible object. Veterinary experts outline that the early symptoms are An upsets stomach, vomiting and heightened weakness. As a result of low or no energy, you could spot your pup less active than usual. If you do spot such symptoms, negligence and ignorance will worsen the situation. An immediate cause of action at this stage is extremely crucial.

Dr Nameeta states she has operated on breeds like Beagles, Golden Retrievers and Labrador Retrievers.

“Endoscopically we have removed so many things; coins, dog chew toys, stuff toys, cables and plastic. Not all objects can be taken out via endoscopy. Sometimes the dogs would need to undergo surgery.  On one occasion, we have taken out 3 crazy balls at once. I have had many surgical operations wherein I’ve extracted items ranging from mango kernels, stones, bangles, to shoelaces, pieces of clothing and even artificial flowers. In fact, you’d be amazed at how many items I’ve found, I think it’s time I set up a museum at the hospital! Said, Dr Nameeta.

The WTR method! (Watch Train Reward)

With so much said and done, it is ideal that as pet parents, one needs to be on their toes when it comes to their dog’s hunger pangs and food cravings.  Here’s what you can do to control them:

  • Train your dog to adhere to the command “NO”
  • Use a head halter and leash on your pooch when you take him/her for a walk
  • While keeping an eye on the road, do not lose sight of your pooch
  • Reward him/her with treats after the walk


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