PETA’s initiative helps free Bullocks from forced labor

PETA’s (People for Ethical Treatment of Animals) India, took up the Delhi Mechanization Project. The project is to free animals like bullocks, donkeys, ponies, and horses, who were overworked and abused and at the same time help poor farmers. The project replaced 11 bullock carts with battery operated rickshaws in the capital city. The bullocks were then sent to the sanctuaries which are away from the capital city and will undergo veterinary treatment there, reports PETA.

Bullocks forced to labour

“In Delhi, there are 250 bullocks who are laboured in 20 market yards and some 150 horses pulling carriages in seven areas”, reports PETA in its press release. In order to earn their daily livelihood, owners of these bullock carts force the animals to work even when sick or in pain. With the use of whips, nose ropes and spike bits, these animals are hit to move faster with heavy loads on their backs. Above which, these animals are not given proper medical care and are deprived of basic necessities as well, as the farmers cannot afford the expenses. Bullocks crash on roads due to pain, PETA explains.

They are forced to carry weight. Some sellers also sell fruit juices and fancy items on Bullock Carts, forcing the bullocks to stand under the scorching heat of the sun or soak in the pouring rain while they take shade for themselves.

ER is the way out

An Electric Rickshaw (ER) or a ‘jugad technology’ as it is called by Plugindia, has a very simple design. While a car can hold four passengers, an ER can carry six to eight passengers at a time. Above that, it costs 200% less than a car. A lot of fuel is also saved as rickshaws and taxis tend to work 24 hours a day and 365 days. According to PlugIndia, there were around 10000 Electric Rickshaws in Delhi according to the last report.

Photo Courtesy: @PETAIndia

Photo Courtesy; @PETAIndia

Considering other large cities using the same methods, India can save almost $4.86 billion every year. This is economical and beneficial to the country; as well it has proven the best for the bullocks as they will be able to live a free and peaceful life of freedom. PETA assures that these bullocks will never be sent to pull these and face forceful labour on the trafficked streets of Delhi.

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