Mumbai based organization aims to make city Rabies free

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The Welfare of Stray Dogs is a Mumbai based nonprofit trust that aims to make Mumbai a rabies-free city in a humane way.

“What motivated me to begin this organization is that I have always been an animal lover. I have a pet dog now and since I was a kid and even before I was born, my family had one. So naturally, love for a dog runs in the blood. Helping strays, I believe is my first step towards a better society”, says Mayur Jadhav, field/kennel manager of the Welfare of Stray Dogs, Mumbai.

Where it all began
The organization was set up in 1985 and is a registered trust under the Bombay Public Trusts Act, 1950. The areas the organization caters to is from Colaba to Sion, Colaba to Wadala and Colaba to Mahim. The organization purely works on donations and charges absolutely nothing for the treatments or any rescues.

The organization has impacted the lives of 1, 50,000 street dogs through sterilization, vaccination, healthcare and adoption. It has performed sterilization and immunization of 53,500 street dogs, on-site immunization against rabies of more than 30,000 street dogs, on-site treatment for more than 90,000 street dogs and cats through our on-site first-aid programme and adoption of more than 550 abandoned pets and street dogs.

On-Site First Aid
The organization has reached out to more than 90,000 street dogs, cats and birds and with expertise has provided the best of medicines to the strays.
“Through a dedicated helpline, we get calls with regards to injured dog cases or birds trapped. I have eight nurses under me who are well trained by professional vets. Each nurse has been given a different area and after the case is reported through our helping the nurse of that area receives a message to perform the rescue or the treatment”, says Mayur Jadhav.

Sterilization and Vaccination
Every month the organization carries out 250 sterilizations across the city and till date The Welfare of Stray Dogs have neutered 33, 500 and more strays dogs. The organization follows the procedure of vaccination as per the guidelines of the World Health Organization and the Animal Welfare Board of India. On a daily basis, their ambulance sets out to catch dogs. Sometimes slum dwellers or residents also get them for vaccination. Through kennels provided by the municipality, the dogs that are in good condition are kept there.

Ovariohysterectomy is performed on the females and castration on the males by qualified and experienced veterinary surgeons. The operated dogs are kept in for a period of 7 to 10 days until they are completely healed. Post-operative care is given by veterinary physicians. The diet at the centres is vegetarian, and includes recipes for dogs with special dietary needs, states the website.

The dog’s ear is notched while it is under anaesthesia so that the dog can easily be identified as sterilised. The sterilization programme performed has brought down the stray population and the number is under control.

Seven-in-one vaccination
The dogs are then vaccinated against rabies and released. Through the Welfare of Stray Dogs, each dog is given a seven-in-one vaccination before sterilisation. The organization has managed to protect almost 37,000 dogs against rabies and from May 2000 to May 2001, the Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation collaborated with them on this project. Some dogs are even revaccinated in the wards provided by the Municipality. The number of human rabies deaths has also dropped by over 90% since the programme was implemented, i.e. 1989.

Adoption and Awareness
The organization has provided homes to more than 550 strays and through various programmes have made it a point to spread awareness and reach out to every stray possible. Before an adoption, a strict screening procedure, behaviour and temperament testing of dogs and behaviour counselling post-adoption takes place.

Through various exhibitions, stalls, dog fair shows, leaflets, seminars and presentations to different clubs and schools,
The Welfare of Stray Dogs educates and reaches out to every person across the city educating them with regards to controlled stray population, need for sterilization and vaccination and adoption.

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