Monsoon mayhem causes reptiles to slither into the city

Water snakes

While we complain about the rains being a disruption, simultaneously animals feel the same. Some lose their way, their homes or their lives.

During this monsoon, Mumbai has seen waves of torrential weather from time to time. In the past week, there are have been sightings of snakes and other reptiles seeking refuge in dry spots in residential complexes.

They have been found in areas like Mulund and Vikhroli, which are geographically adjacent to forests. Whilst the rain has been accompanied by blustery winds, this has caused many nests of birds to disappear in thin air.

In the first week of July alone, the NGO Resinq Association for Wildlife Welfare (RAWW) managed to save 58 animals, which included 28 snakes and 23 birds. When speaking to TOI, Pawan Sharma, an animal welfare officer said that, “the heavy rainfall that the city has seen has recently flooded animals’ homes. Many of them have also been displaced as they [have gotten] washed away [amidst the floods]”.

Photo Courtesy: RAWW Website

Photo Courtesy: RAWW Website

A few of the animals that the NGO rescued was an Oliver Ridley sea turtle. It was found suffering with multiple injuries on its flipper and outer shell. RAWW’s in-house vet, Dr. Rina Dev has kept the sea turtle under her care.

RAWW puts out a public service announcement to all Mumbaikars if they spot any animal in distress to alert them on their helpline.

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