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A style statement for a cat lover! Yes, you heard it right. Last year in November, Louis Vuitton collaborated with Grace Coddington, former creative director at large of American Vogue magazine with the concept of Catogram designs for their new collection Louis Vuitton x Grace Coddington.

The brand has products, bags, small leather goods, shoes, and RTW which have special touches from Grace Coddington’s cat drawings.

Designers and their Pets

Through her series Face with Grace, she interviews celebrities, one of which was Nicolas Ghesquière.  He is a French fashion designer and the creative director of the house of Louis Vuitton. While Grace used to draw cats, Nicolas used to draw dogs and by including them in their designs, they wanted to celebrate their pets, their loved ones.

“Working with someone who is a friend and at the same time design together can really be a cat and dog relationship at the same time can be a fun one”, said Nicholas in an interview with Louis Vuitton. While Grace is an animal person as she calls herself, she is a pet parent of two Persians cats, Blanket and Pumpkin. On the other hand, Nicolas has a Labrador who is 6 months old named Leon, however, he welcomes cats as well. Both the designers believe that their pets couldn’t live without them and vice versa. They are each other’s favourite.

The Louis Vuitton collection

“The Louis Vuitton x Grace Coddington is fun and playful and is all about friendship. It is different from the regular Louis Vuitton bags and accessories”, says Grace in an interview. The animals embellished on the products were drawn by Grace herself and depicted Grace’s iconic style statement, depicted by orange monograms. Even if you aren’t a cat person, the designs are something anyone would admire and love.

Another thing that is different is that Louis Vuitton as a brand offers new collections and collaborations that are definite to delight their fans.” The collaboration is filled with statement designs that’ll make purr-fect arm candies. In addition to a variety of bags and leather goods, the upcoming launch will also feature a selection of NYC-exclusive items, ranging from boots, sandals and sneakers, to ready-to-wear pieces and accessories”, explains Hypebae.

If you love cats and Louis Vuitton, this collection is for you.


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