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NewsOnPets, Japanese Innovations

Humans can now wag it like their pets. How?

Japanese inventors have come up with robotic cat body parts that are wearable by its users. These robots are either ...
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Toothbrush, Dog dental care, NewsOnPets, Bristly

A DIY toothbrush to cure dog dental problems

Brushing a dog’s teeth would help his teeth remain strong and would prevent swelling gums and other dental diseases. Bristly ...
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NewsOnPets, Dog School, Pet Boarding

Dog school idea yet to take off in Mumbai

Mumbai pet parents are not warming up to the idea of dog schools, not yet at least. According to research ...
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Louis Vuitton, NewsOnPets, catogram

Louis Vuitton for all cat lovers

A style statement for a cat lover! Yes, you heard it right. Last year in November, Louis Vuitton collaborated with ...
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Rohit Sharma, NewsOnPets, IPL2019

Mumbai Indians captain Rohit Sharma is a dog dad

In the history of Indian Premier League, this would be the 4th title in the name of Mumbai Indians. Tonight, ...
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A Dog’s Journey: Watch with no regrets

The screening of A Dog’s Journey held at Sunny Super Sound, Juhu, Mumbai on the 12th May witnessed giggles and ...
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wolf pack behaviour, wolf dogs packs, wolves selfless packs, dogs selfish packs, alpha dog mentality

Wolves are not as selfish as dogs!

Dogs provide humans with what they lack the most, ‘unconditional love’. But when it comes to sharing food with a ...
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Penguins, Disneynature, NewsOnPets, Documentary, Review

Movie Review: DisneyNature’s Penguins; a fairy tale amidst deadly sea predators

Disneynature, on its 10th anniversary brought to us its thirteenth nature documentary on the life of a Penguin, in its ...
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Buddy Mercury, NewsOnPets, Internet Sensations, Pet Dogs, Pianist

Rescued Pet Dog Pianist is an Internet Sensation

Who says Pianos are just meant for humans? Well! Buddy Mercury,  a beagle-basset hound mix and a rescued pup who ...
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A Dog and its journey of purpose

What do we get when we look into the soul of a dog? The answer is love, love and more ...
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