‘I went on stage the day my dog died’

Jeeveshu Ahluwalia is a popular Delhi-based stand-up comedian. In a not-so-funny story, he narrated how he had to go on stage the day his dog died, last year. Shrek Ahluwalia was his companion for 15 years.

“When someone dies they walk with you without your knowledge. I was in no state to go on stage, I knew Shrek would have wanted me to make people laugh and smile myself; and come back home to his spirit which still lingers with me."

Shrek came into Jeeveshu’s life when he visited a friend, and saw him being treated badly by the family. He took him with him and has become a blessing ever since.

“A pet is a partner you have in the darkest of times to the most celebratory moments is that one individual who you connect with the most. That’s what I had with Shrek.”

Milo was also adopted by Jeeveshu who could not bear that he was adopted from a family who got him as a trophy for their drawing room. “They couldn't keep up with having a pet which is a bigger responsibility than a child,” he says.

“The bond one has with a pet is something each one of us struggles to put in to words. That level of love is not defined or measured.” [URIS id=1419]

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