Is Assange’s cat still receiving asylum?

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Few are worried about the arrest of Wikileaks founder, Julian Assange. That is not true of his cat, called Embassy. The cat which is famous on social media and its followers are now seeking answers on its mysterious disappearance and the silence of authorities.

Assange was arrested after Ecuador ended its asylum and was arrested from the country’s embassy in London. But his pet cat might too have lost his home, is what everyone fears. Would it live in exile just like its owner?

A tweet on 14th April by WikiLeaks shows a fit and fine Embassy cat video. It was spotted sitting in front of the TV screen, watching Assange being dragged into a police van. “We can confirm that Assange’s cat is safe. Assange asked his lawyers to rescue him from embassy threats in mid-October. They will be reunited in freedom,” states a WikiLeaks tweet.

WikiLeaks stirs trouble

Assange is a whistleblower who shook the world with his revelations, publishing secret documents ranging from war to national security to the movie industry. Its most shocking revelation was a video of a US military helicopter killing 18 Iraqi civilians. This video was made public in 2019. For an entire year, the website published leaked documents of the US army intelligence analyst Chelsea Manning. The US government too has been trying to prosecute Assange over the illegal leak of classified files.

The arrest

In 2010, an arrest warrant was issued on him by the Swedish Prosecutor’s Office over rape allegations. He entered the Ecuadorian embassy for fear of human rights violation. However, Assange who has not followed the house rules was expelled leading to his arrest.

Many theories

The cat came into the embassy in 2016 and has since captured the Internet on social media. Its has owned its Instagram and Twitter handles @EmbassyCat, with over 12,000 followers.

“When I contacted the Ecuadoran Embassy about the cat, the spokesperson confirmed that he had been gone for months”. Says reporter of Sputnik news. “At the time of the arrest, the whistleblower’s cat was not in the embassy,” an added statement.

Another tweet by James Ball, who was an employee of WikiLeaks read, “ the embassy gave the cat to a shelter “ages ago. Post which I genuinely offered to adopt it.”

On the other hand, one of the sources who is close to Assange and a member of his legal team reported that “Assange gave the cat to a family member after the Ecuadoran Embassy threatened to take the pet to a shelter”. Hanna Jonasson tweets, “incensed at the threat, he asked his lawyers to take his cat to safety. The cat is with Assange’s family. They will be reunited in freedom.”

After all the confusion the latest video tweets on 14th April by WikiLeaks states that the cat is safe and that it waits to reunite with its owner.

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